The Commitment To Safety

Safety is integrated into every facet of our operations.

PISL has created a comprehensive corporate safety manual that covers all of the areas of the company’s operations.

We recognise that our human resource is the single most valuable asset that we possess. As such, we are committed to ensuring that each and every one of our employees operates in a safe and secure working environment. The health and safety of our employees is key to our organisation.

With this goal in mind we enforce a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to infringements on safety that threaten the well-being of our employees and those of the client.


PISL is committed to:

  • Actively pursuing the safety and good health of all our employees by being proactive in enforcing all safety requirements so as to reduce and eventually eliminate any negative incidents and accidents
  • Adopting a holistic approach to achieving our primary objective which is the guaranteed health and safety of our employees and those of our clients
  • Safeguarding the environment in which we all live and operate. This is a fundamental objective in our daily operations and forms part of the indoctrinated mindset of PISL employees in and away from the workplace.

All of our employees must therefore accept as their individual and collective responsibility, the preservation of the health and safety of their fellow companions in the work environment.

In this light, PISL has implemented a strictly enforced anti-drug policy that is monitored through random drug tests and evaluations. We also ensure that our employees comply with the drug testing requirements of our clients on every jobsite.

Violations of safety practices are expressly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action and possible termination.

Each employee is required to report unsafe conditions, accidents and unsafe equipment to their Supervisors. It is their responsibility to exercise due care and attention as well as good judgement in preventing accidents.

This document defines our commitment to the highest ideals of safe working practices that also guarantee a high level of quality and environmental awareness on every project we undertake.